Who we are and what we do


Based in the San Franciso Bay Area, WIELD creates wearable technology and systems that enable new types of human-machine interactions. Our R&D and IP portfolios currently include wearables, algorithms, back-end systems, and methods based on a new type of wearable user interface and sensor technology. In 2017, after developing this technology on his own for several years, Dustin Kimmel founded WIELD LLC to commercialize and accelerate this work.

In May of 2020, WIELD's next-generation wearable technology was funded by the National Science Foundation, which is dedicated to transforming promising scientific discovery into products and services with commercial and societal impact.


Dustin Kimmel, CEO

Dustin Kimmel Dustin, WIELD’s Founder and CEO, has a background in Product Management, Software Engineering, IoT Hardware Development & Manufacturing, Operations, and Marketing. He has started or helped to start several companies (and one corporate team at Twitter), and mentors Bay Area startups on Product Safety, Trust & Safety, and Scalable Operations.

At Twitter, he worked on a problem set that has grown to define our times: free speech, online abuse, fake news, intellectual property and trademark claims, law enforcement access to data, domestic and international terrorism, and fundamental questions about the way people interact with each other online.

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Adil Karrar, COO

Adil Karrar Adil Karrar has over a decade of deep engineering experience in a variety of roles at Intel including system architecture, design engineering, security architecture, firmware engineering and validation. Later he went on to become an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney. As an IP attorney Adil counseled many startup companies through their various stages of growth. Also, with over a decade of experience in the IP field and working with some of the most revered engineering companies in the world, Adil has further expanded his knowledge in a vast array of engineering disciplines.

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